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While the name may sound like a mythical land, it is very much based in reality. This is a wonderful site that fosters friendship, support and a strong sense of community.

'Smilies' are small graphical images that can be used to convey an emotion or feeling. If you have used email or internet chat, you are likely familiar with the smilie concept. Certain standard strings are automatically converted into smilies. Try twisting your head on one side if you do not 'get' smilies; using a bit of imagination should reveal a face of some description.

If you want to disable smilies in a post that you make, you can select the 'Disable Smilies' option when posting. This is particularly useful if you are posting program code and you do not want ;) converted to a smilie face!

Happy & Laughing
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:boogy: boogy boogy
:happyshrug: happyshrug happyshrug
:laugh3: laugh3 laugh3
:cheering: cheering cheering
:nut: nut nut
:yahoo: yahoo yahoo
:confetti2: confetti2 confetti2
:whoop: whoop whoop
:woot: woot woot
:woohoo: woohoo woohoo
:dancing: Dancing Dancing
:yess: yess yess
:teehee: teehee teehee
<:-) Party Dude Party Dude
=)) Laughing Hysterically Laughing Hysterically
:giggle: Giggle Giggle
:heee: Heee Heee
:hehe: Hehe Hehe
:rolling: Rolling Rolling
:dizzy: Dizzy Dizzy
:laughing: Laughing Laughing
:chat: Chat Chat
:happyface Happyface Happyface
:jump: Jump Jump
:winknudge Winknudge Winknudge
:rollsmile Rollsmile Rollsmile
:majorlaug Majorlaughter Majorlaughter
:jump2: Jump2 Jump2
:jumping: Jumping Jumping
:D Biggrin2 Biggrin2
:jump3: Jump3 Jump3
:evillaug2 Evillaugh2 Evillaugh2
:babyha: Babyha Babyha
:lol3: Lol3 Lol3
:hysterics Hysterics Hysterics
:dazzler: Dazzler Dazzler
:silly: Silly Silly
:lol2: Lol2 Lol2
:flash: Flash Flash
:yeehaw: Yeehaw Yeehaw
:lol: Lol Lol
:tongue3: Tongue3 Tongue3
:twirl: Twirl Twirl
:yippee: Yippee Yippee
:spit: :spit: :spit:
:happy: :happy: :happy:
:wamfuzzy: :wamfuzzy: :wamfuzzy:
:grin: :grin: :grin:
:lmao: Lmao Lmao
:roflol: Roflol Roflol
:lol1: Lol1 Lol1
:pleased: Pleased Pleased
:banana: Banana Banana
:bonkers: Bonkers Bonkers
:glow: Glow Glow
:cute: Cute Cute
:rofl: Rofl Rofl
:) Smilie Smilie
:triyippee Triyippee Triyippee
:bliss: Bliss Bliss
Imported Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:-/ What What
:raisedbro Raisedbrow Raisedbrow
:headscrat Headscratch Headscratch
:wettrout: Wettrout Wettrout
:appl: Appl Appl
:support: :support: :support:
:evil: Evil Evil
:supergrin Supergrin Supergrin
:lily: Lily Lily
:heart2: Heart2 Heart2
:holdbreat Holdbreath Holdbreath
:longkiss: Longkiss Longkiss
:frosty2: Frosty2 Frosty2
:rotflmbo: Rotflmbo Rotflmbo
:drinking: :drinking: :drinking:
:partytime Partytime Partytime
:sunglasse Sunglasses Sunglasses
:bubbly: Bubbly Bubbly
:heart1: Heart1 Heart1
:lovelove: Lovelove Lovelove
:psyche: Psyche Psyche
:bite-cha: Bite Cha Bite Cha
:love4: Love4 Love4
:thumbup2: :Thumbup2: :Thumbup2:
:clap2: Clap2 Clap2
:mornsick: Mornsick Mornsick
:cheer4: Cheer4 Cheer4
:drown: Drown Drown
:question: Question Question
:jalsmile: Jalsmile Jalsmile
:pg2: Pg2 Pg2
:gab: Gab Gab
:meow: :meow: :meow:
:bbabydust Bbabydust Bbabydust
:as-sleep: As Sleep As Sleep
:tearhair1 Tearhair1 Tearhair1
:kiss1: Kiss1 Kiss1
:oops: Oops Oops
:elephant: Elephant Elephant
:meditatio Meditation Meditation
:cake: Cake Cake
:guinness: :guinness: :guinness:
:bossy: Bossy Bossy
:luvlove: Luvlove Luvlove
:runtear: Runtear Runtear
:reallymad Reallymad Reallymad
:nahnah: Nahnah Nahnah
:kisscheek Kisscheek Kisscheek
:2tup: 2tup 2tup
:brickwall Brickwall Brickwall
:shrug2: :shrug2: :shrug2:
:party2: Party2 Party2
:backpat: Backpat Backpat
:sadface: Sadface Sadface
:pffftt: Pffftt Pffftt
:headslap: Headslap Headslap
:tears: Tears Tears
:cheer: Cheer Cheer
:mad_frown Mad Frown Mad Frown
:cool: Cool Cool
:surprise: Surprise Surprise
:eyemouth: Eyemouth Eyemouth
:sunbeam: Sunbeam Sunbeam
:errrr: Errrr Errrr
:spam2: :spam2: :spam2:
:goodandev Goodandevil Goodandevil
:sleep: Sleep Sleep
:biggrin Big Grin Big Grin
:bg: Bg Bg
:babysmile Babysmile Babysmile
:partygirl Partygirl Partygirl
:naughty: Naughty Naughty
:clap3: Clap3 Clap3
:getdrunk: :getdrunk: :getdrunk:
:dontyell: Dontyell Dontyell
:pregg: Pregg Pregg
:o: Embarrassment Embarrassment
:switch: Switch Switch
:embarass: Embarass Embarass
:gossip: Gossip Gossip
:upset: Upset Upset
:rose: Rose Rose
:spin: :spin: :spin:
:twisted: Twisted Twisted
:sgrin: Sgrin Sgrin
:wink: Wink Wink
:hert: Hert Hert
:reallycry Reallycry Reallycry
:bday3: Bday3 Bday3
:weep: Weep Weep
:angryfire Angryfire Angryfire
:burnsmeup :burnsmeup :burnsmeup
:angry: Angry Angry
:santabgri Santabgrin Santabgrin
:tongue: Tongue Tongue
:confused2 Confused2 Confused2
:clown: Clown Clown
:shhhh: Shhhh Shhhh
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:blush: :blush: :blush:
:mope: Mope Mope
:( Frown Frown
:bawl: Bawl Bawl
:blue: Blue Blue
:weepy: Weepy Weepy
:sulkoff: Sulkoff Sulkoff
:bawl1: Bawl1 Bawl1
:disappoin Disappointed Disappointed
:freaked: Freaked Freaked
:tantrum: Tantrum Tantrum
:depressed Depressed Depressed
:sad: :sad: :sad:
:sorry: :sorry: :sorry:
:tear: :tear: :tear:
:sniff: :sniff: :sniff:
:frown: :frown: :frown:
:embarrass: embarrass embarrass
:ignore: Ignore Ignore
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:no: No No
:nod: Nod Nod
:2thumbup: 2tumbup 2tumbup
:awesome: Awesome Awesome
:thumbup: :Thumbup: :Thumbup:
:aok: Aok Aok
:agree: Agree Agree
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:nailbitin Nail Biting Nail Biting
:gasp: gasp gasp
:stompfeet: stompfeet stompfeet
:rolleyesout: rolleyesout rolleyesout
:fit: fit fit
:shakefist: shakefist shakefist
:hmmm: hmmm hmmm
:rolleyes: Roll Eyes (Sarcastic) Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)
[-) Pout Pout
>:P Mad Tongue Mad Tongue
:-? :-? :-?
:disbelief Disbelief Disbelief
:dunno: Dunno Dunno
:shuffle: Shuffle Shuffle
:huh: Huh Huh
:errr: Errr Errr
:shakehead Shakehead Shakehead
:nervous2: Nervous2 Nervous2
:wow: Wow Wow
:headshake Headshake Headshake
:frustrate Frustrated Frustrated
:ohplease: Ohplease Ohplease
:moody1: Moody1 Moody1
:eek2: :eek2: :eek2:
:shocked: Shocked Shocked
:ooo: Ooo Ooo
:jawdrop: Jawdrop Jawdrop
:unsure: Unsure Unsure
:omg: Omg Omg
:hairshock Hairshock Hairshock
:eek: EEK! EEK!
:confused: Confused Confused
:nosey: :nosey: :nosey:
:crash: Crash Crash
:compumad: Compumad Compumad
:hmm: Hmm Hmm
:shrug: :shrug: :shrug:
:moody: :moody: :moody:
:sigh: :sigh: :sigh:
:duh: Duh Duh
:shock: Shock Shock
:woah: Woah Woah
:tearhair: Tearhair Tearhair
:nervous: Nervous Nervous
:erm: Erm Erm
:smash: Smash Smash
:ack: Ack Ack
:dontgetit Dontgetit Dontgetit
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
L-) Looser Looser
:boxer: boxer boxer
:bringit: bringit bringit
:whatever: whatever whatever
:hopmad: hopmad hopmad
:airquote: airquote airquote
:screwy: screwy screwy
:ignorekey: ignorekey ignorekey
:madwife: madwife madwife
:crazy2: crazy2 crazy2
:mad: Mad Mad
:angeldevi Angeldevil Angeldevil
:scream: Scream Scream
:pfft: Pfft Pfft
:evillaugh Evillaugh Evillaugh
:freakout: Freakout Freakout
:devil: Devil Devil
:burnsme: Burnsme Burnsme
:fuming: Fuming Fuming
:furious: Furious Furious
:etongue: Stick Out Tongue Stick Out Tongue
:yikes: Yikes Yikes
:lildevil: :lildevil: :lildevil:
:neener: :neener: :neener:
:pissed: :pissed: :pissed:
:banghead: Banghead Banghead
:devil2: Devil2 Devil2
:fight: Fight Fight
:nanana: Nanana Nanana
:firemad: Firemad Firemad
:slydevil: Slydevil Slydevil
:eviltongu Eviltongue Eviltongue
:jester: Jester Jester
:snob: Snob Snob
:demand: Demand Demand
:complain: Complain Complain
:violin: Violin Violin
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:smileyheart: smileyheart smileyheart
:datenight: datenight datenight
:smitten: smitten smitten
:mushy: Mushy Mushy
:lady: Lady Lady
:love3: Love3 Love3
:love1: Love1 Love1
:tophat: Tophat Tophat
:ilove: Ilove Ilove
:hearts: Hearts Hearts
:i12: I12 I12
:love: Love Love
:heartbeat Heartbeat Heartbeat
:floating: Floating Floating
:love2: Love2 Love2
:cloud9: Cloud9 Cloud9
:heart: Heart Heart
:bridegroo Bridegroom Bridegroom
Couples (or 2 + smilies!)
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:chair: chair chair
:high5: high5 high5
:party3: Party3 Party3
:married: :married: :married:
:lowblow: Lowblow Lowblow
:cheerup: Cheerup Cheerup
:boxing: Boxing Boxing
:friend: Friend Friend
:weluvu: Weluvu Weluvu
:irlove: Irlove Irlove
:toast: Toast Toast
:fish: Fish Fish
:inlove: Inlove Inlove
:slap: Slap Slap
:poke: Poke Poke
:fart: Fart Fart
:psych: Psych Psych
:dance: Dance Dance
:talkative Talkative Talkative
:secret: Secret Secret
:deal: Deal Deal
:weconfuse Weconfused Weconfused
:smlove2: Smlove2 Smlove2
HUGS & kisses
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:crush: crush crush
:hug99: Hug99 Hug99
:sadhug: Sad Hug Sad Hug
:justahug: Justahug Justahug
:grouphug: Grouphug Grouphug
:makeout: makeout makeout
:comfort: Comfort Comfort
:bighug: Bighug Bighug
:hug: Hug Hug
:kiss: Kiss Kiss
:kisscheek: Kisscheck Kisscheck
:smooch: :smooch: :smooch:
:grouphug2 Grouphug2 Grouphug2
TTC / Pregnancy
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:smokin: Smokin Smokin
:tmi: Tmi Tmi
:bfp: Bfp Bfp
:bfn: Bfn Bfn
:smiliefun Smiliefun Smiliefun
:luvbed: Luvbed Luvbed
:pregb: Pregb Pregb
:S :S :S
:gbabydust Gbabydust Gbabydust
:pg: Pg Pg
:baby2: Baby2 Baby2
:privacy: Privacy Privacy
:male: Male Male
:bloated: Bloated Bloated
:female: :female: :female:
:soother: :soother: :soother:
Baby related
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:babygirl: :babygirl: :babygirl:
:tired: Tired Tired
:rattle: Rattle Rattle
:itsagirl: Itsagirl Itsagirl
:babyflips Babyflips Babyflips
:pacifier: Pacifier Pacifier
:sleepy: Sleepy Sleepy
:itsaboy: Itsaboy Itsaboy
:sucky: Sucky Sucky
:block: Block Block
:bottle: Bottle Bottle
:yawn: Yawn Yawn
:family: :family: :family:
:tooth: Tooth Tooth
:pteddy Teddypink Teddypink
:teddy: Teddy Teddy
:ma: Ma Ma
:stroller: Stroller Stroller
:baby: Baby Baby
:zz: Zz Zz
:diaper: Diaper Diaper
:vibes: Vibes Vibes
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:canada: Canada Canada
:usaflag: Usaflag Usaflag
:usa: Usa Usa
:au: Au Au
:gb: Gb Gb
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:bday: :bday: :bday:
:balloons: Balloons Balloons
:cake1: Cake1 Cake1
:gift: Gift Gift
:confetti: Confetti Confetti
:roses4me: Roses4me Roses4me
:partyblower Partybower Partybower
:1stbday: 1stbday 1stbday
:flowers: Flowers Flowers
:party: :party: :party:
:bday2: Bday2 Bday2
:bestwish: Bestwish Bestwish
Seasonal / Weather
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:ctree: Ctree Ctree
:rudolf: :rudolf: :rudolf:
:santasmil Santasmile Santasmile
:santa: :santa: :santa:
:sleigh: sleigh sleigh
:ccane: :ccane: :ccane:
:snowman: Snowman Snowman
:wreath: Wreath Wreath
:itscold: Itscold Itscold
:snowflake Snowflake Snowflake
:snowball: Snowball Snowball
:ghost: Ghost Ghost
:pumpkin2: Pumpkin2 Pumpkin2
:vampire: Vampire Vampire
:pumpkin: Pumpkin Pumpkin
:bat: Bat Bat
:witch: Witch Witch
:witch1: witch1 witch1
:sunny: :sunny: :sunny:
:hot: Hot Hot
:rain: Rain Rain
:lep: Lep Lep
:clover: Clover Clover
:shamrock: Shamrock Shamrock
:soccer: Soccer Soccer
:football: Football Football
Motions (wave, thumbs up, emotions, actions, reactions etc)
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:yawning: yawning yawning
:hugehug: hugehug hugehug
:vacuum1: vacuum1 vacuum1
:tobed: tobed tobed
:blowbubble: blowbubble blowbubble
:zzz: zzz zzz
:idea1: idea1 idea1
:shopping: shopping shopping
:waiting: waiting waiting
:vacuum: vacuum vacuum
:morning: morning morning
:waiting2: waiting2 waiting2
:whistle: Whistle Whistle
:bumitch: bumitch bumitch
:deadtired: deadtired deadtired
:prettyplease: prettyplease prettyplease
:-W Waiting Waiting
:eyelashes Flirt Flirt
:raisedbrow Raisedbrow Raisedbrow
@-) Stunned Stunned
:-S Lip Quiver Lip Quiver
:woo: Woo Woo
:nerd: Nerd Nerd
:-| Straight Face Straight Face
:whew: Whew Whew
:scratch: Scratch Scratch
:bolt: Bolt Bolt
:headscratch Headscratch Headscratch
:wavey: Wavey Wavey
:holdbreath Holdbreath Holdbreath
:drool: Drool Drool
:faint: Faint Faint
:moon1: Moon1 Moon1
:awink: Awink Awink
:brow: Brow Brow
:rollingey Rollingeyes Rollingeyes
:dead: Dead Dead
:lurking: Lurking Lurking
:outtie: :outtie: :outtie:
:clap1: Clap1 Clap1
:dude: Dude Dude
:bow: Bow Bow
:caught: Caught Caught
:lurk: Lurk Lurk
:harpist: Harpist Harpist
:computer: Computer Computer
:down Thumbs Down Thumbs Down
:smoke: Smoke Smoke
:music: Music Music
:hang: Hang Hang
:bored: :bored: :bored:
:drive: :drive: :drive:
:call: Call Call
:up: Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
:bath: Bath Bath
:phone: Phone Phone
:boat: Boat Boat
:clap: Clap Clap
:pot: Pot Pot
:juggle: Juggle Juggle
:lookaroun Lookaround Lookaround
;) ;) ;)
:hi: :hi: :hi:
:yes: :yes: :yes:
:bye: :bye: :bye:
:crossfing Crossed Crossed
:idea: Idea Idea
:shhh: Shhh Shhh
:whip: Whip Whip
:yuck: Yuck Yuck
:moon: Moon Moon
:crazy: Crazy Crazy
:thankyou: Thankyou Thankyou
:bullhorn: Bullhorn Bullhorn
:surrender Surrender Surrender
:hiya: Hiya Hiya
:wiggle: :wiggle: :wiggle:
Weight Loss/Fitness/Pace/Walk
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:lift: lift lift
:aerobics: aerobics aerobics
:barbells: Barbells Barbells
:walkingco Walkingcool Walkingcool
:workout: Workout Workout
:tread: Treadmill Treadmill
:badscale: Badscale Badscale
:sweat: Sweat Sweat
:olympics: Olympics Olympics
:flower: Flower Flower
:lily1: Lily1 Lily1
:oflower: Oflower Oflower
:bfly: Bfly Bfly
:daisy: Daisy Daisy
:star: Star Star
:redrose: Redrose Redrose
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
:drinktoomuch: DrinkTooMuch DrinkTooMuch
:pizza: pizza pizza
:beercheer: beercheer beercheer
:yum: yum yum
:coffee: coffee coffee
:drinking2 Drinking2 Drinking2
:sushi: Sushi Sushi
:lick: Lick Lick
:drunk: Drunk Drunk
:popcorn: Popcorn Popcorn
:needjava: Needjava Needjava
:pickle: Pickle Pickle
:tequila: Tequila Tequila
:martini: Martini Martini
:beer: Beer Beer
:eat: :eat: :eat:
:shot: :shot: :shot:
:lolly: :lolly: :lolly:
:icecream: :icecream: :icecream:
:drink: Drink Drink
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:blownose: :blownose: :blownose:
:tissue: tissue tissue
:sneeze: Sneeze Sneeze
:headache: Headache Headache
:medic: Medic Medic
:examine2: Examine2 Examine2
:flu: Flu Flu
:flush: Flush Flush
:puke: :puke: :puke:
:acold: :acold: :acold:
:sick: :sick: :sick:
:toilet: Toilet Toilet
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:congratulations: congratulations congratulations
:worthless: worthless worthless
:biggirlp: biggirlp biggirlp
:sheep: sheep sheep
:umno: umno umno
:threadjacked: threadjacked threadjacked
:bump: bump bump
:nothing2add: nothing2add nothing2add
:iagree: Iagree Iagree
:bfart: bfart bfart
:trolls: trolls trolls
:partytime!: partytime! partytime!
:funny: Funny Funny
:noaf: Noaf Noaf
:stupid: Stupid Stupid
:soapbox: Soapbox Soapbox
:help: Help Help
:myop: Myop Myop
:ttc: Ttc Ttc
:yourock: Yourock Yourock
:offtopic: Offtopic Offtopic
:perfect10 Perfect10 Perfect10
:rant: Rant Rant
:spam: :spam: :spam:
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:shark: Shark Shark
:dogrun: Dogrun Dogrun
:duckie: Duckie Duckie
:kitty: Kitty Kitty
:pigfly: Pigfly Pigfly
:tweety: Tweety Tweety
:cat: Cat Cat
:puppy: Puppy Puppy
:spider: Spider Spider
:paw: Paw Paw
:goldfish: Goldfish Goldfish
:bunny: Bunny Bunny
:turkey: Turkey Turkey
:blackcat: Blackcat Blackcat
:kitty2: Kitty2 Kitty2
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:angelnot: angelnot angelnot
:iminn: Iminn Iminn
:prayers: Prayers Prayers
:angel2: Angel2 Angel2
:angel: Angel Angel
:angelfly: Angelfly Angelfly
:frostyang Frostyangel Frostyangel
:pray: Smile Pray Smile Pray
:angel3: Angel3 Angel3
Talking Smilies
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:banned: Banned Banned
:beg: beg beg
:Idontgetit: Idontgetit Idontgetit
:overreact: overreact overreact
:drama: drama drama
:swear: swear swear
:dontgo: dontgo dontgo
:blah: blah blah
:whoopdedoo: whoopdedoo whoopdedoo
:thankyou2: thankyou2 thankyou2
:tisktisk: tisktisk tisktisk
:fyi: Fyi Fyi
:nono1: Nono1 Nono1
:coolcool: Coolcool Coolcool
:saywhat: Saywhat Saywhat
:byebye: Byebye Byebye
:callme: Callme Callme
:smiliesor Smiliesorry Smiliesorry
:yesyes: Yesyes Yesyes
:goodluck: Goodluck Goodluck
:hello: Hello Hello
What to Type Resulting Graphic Meaning
:camera: Camera Camera
:superhero: superhero superhero
:princess: Princess Princess
:Scissor: Scissor Scissor
:stop: Stop Stop
:penny: Penny Penny
:dollareye Dollareyes Dollareyes
:queen: Queen Queen
:lightbulb Lightbulb Lightbulb
:cowboy: Cowboy Cowboy
:dollar: Dollar Dollar
:rainbow: Rainbow Rainbow
:musicnote I20 I20
:whiteflag Whiteflag Whiteflag
:hotmama: Hotmama Hotmama
:read: Read Read
:tiara: Tiara Tiara
:fly: Fly Fly
:canedspam: :canedspam: :canedspam:
:imagefromolu: imagefromolu imagefromolu

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